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123Movies Alternatives – Best Online Movies Streaming Sites for 2019

For those of us who have tried searching for the perfect streaming website then you may have heard of 123Movies. 123Movies is known for offering top quality movies, and TV shows free from any annoying advertisements. While this may all sound great, 123Movies announced earlier this year that they shall be shutting down their services for good. Not surprisingly, this shocked many users, who absolutely loved their services.

For that reason, we have included numerous 123Movie alternatives, which are 100% free to you for anyone around the world looking for the perfect streaming service. Don’t forget to subscribe to FastestVPN regardless of what streaming website you use. FastestVPN eliminates any geo-restrictions you might have while watching these websites.

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Best 123Movies Alternatives

123Movies Alternatives [Working]

Ice Films Info

Icefilms Info

Icefilmsinfo is one of the foremost 123Movies alternative streaming websites nowadays that updates its library constantly. Before we even complete this blog they have already added more content to their vast collection.

At Icefilmsinfo, movies, TV shows, and cartoon are neatly categorized in various categories for accessibility. One section user, may find very interesting is their top IMDB category. So don’t waste any time, head over their user-friendly website today.


Watch Free

WatchFree is another one of the top streaming website on the web today making them a perfect 123Movies alternative. WatchFree is constantly updated and features all the latest movies and TV shows in high definition. However, their website hosts a lot of annoying advertisements, which messes with your viewing experience, by subscribing to FastestVPN you can get over this obstacle for a small cost.



ZMovies delivers its millions of customers a wide range of movies, and TV series in multiple genres. As the leading 123Movies alternative, their services work on all devices and many of their movies go as far back as 2002. But that not to say they do not have any new releases as well. At ZMovies they take pride in updating their library day. However, much like other, 123Movies, streaming websites these days, ZMovies is prone to numerous ads and pop-up windows.

By subscribing to FastestVPN you’re able to hide your IP address meaning these ad sites aren’t able to target you.



123GoStream like 123Movies themselves is another one of our best 123Movies alternatives with a wide selection of recently released movies and TV shows. When customers visit their website, they are greeted with simple website design and a search bar which they can use to access their vast library. You’re also able to search their content by the genre of your choice.

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Movies25.org unlike the other 123Movies alternatives in our list, only offer free-to stream movies and nothing else. Their easy-to-use website is constantly updated with the latest movies and new releases in HD or CAM.

The developers of this website also decided to include a ‘newly released’ tab, which makes it easier for users to navigate their vast collection. However, when using Movie25.me, as a 123Movies alternate, users should note that they do not host any of the movies themselves. Instead, they embed links to other third-party websites. Thus subscribing to FastestVPN is absolutely necessary if you wish to keep your data secure on these third-party websites.



Vumoo is another easy to use 123Movies alternate, streaming website in our list. The website has a very similar layout compared to its competitors. Categorizing movies, and TV shows into a number of different genres and sub-categories. Whether you wish to stream the latest Spiderman movies or watch the first Die Hard, Vumoo has exactly what you need.

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Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another great addition to our list of the best 123Movies alternatives. While the service has a vast range of media content available for all their users. The service itself requires you to also signup to their website, and it is also possible that for many of us Sony Crackle may not be available in your region, which is why you should subscribe to FastestVPN to get over this obstacle. For Android, IOS, and PS4 users Sony Crackle also has a dedicated app for that device for your ease.



PopCornFlix is perhaps the closest 123Movies alternative on our list when compared to the original website itself in delivering the best movies, TV shows. Their content library like many in our list is also constantly updated and has a wide range of exciting genres and categories for you to choose from. However, before heading to PopCornFlix as your pick for the best 123Movies alternative, you should also subscribe to FastestVPN to better your viewing experience.

Is It Safe to Use 123Movies Alternative Website?

Absolutely! All the alternative 123Movies websites in our list are completely safe to use.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that some of these websites may not have the legal rights to give you the content. Hence, in order to prevent yourself from the prying eyes of the ISP, use a VPN like FastestVPN.

Your IP address will remain hidden from the ISP, letting you stream movies through 123Movies alternative websites without any worries.

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Now that you made it to the end of our list of the best 123Movies Alternatives, you must have a good understanding of the streaming website you wish to use. Regardless of what streaming site you use, remember to subscribe to FastestVPN to avoid any geo-restrictions or annoying ads which may interrupt your viewing experience.

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