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How to Watch Cricket World Cup Semi Final Live Online [FREE]

The Cricket World Cup has been a roller coaster as always. The ups, the downs, and the upsets keep the hearts of the fans pumping fast. There are some teams that are out of the tournament for good while the rest still have ground to play and make a place for themselves.

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How is FastestVPN the solution? Hit connect and overcome the geo-restrictions that would otherwise get in the way of you streaming the world cup matches live online. There are plenty of channels which will stream the matches live but they are restricted and need to be unblocked outside their region. That is where the role of FastestVPN comes in. Get optimum security, privacy, and anonymity while you enjoy the batsman against the bowlers live online with FastestVPN connection.

The fans supporting teams that are still in action, can catch the cricket play live without much struggle. If you don’t have cable or are on the go, it is still not something to worry about. Watch Cricket World Cup Semi Final live online with FastestVPN, that too for free!

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  • Cricket World Cup Semifinals Dates: 9 July 2019 & 11 July 2019
  • Cricket World Cup Semifinals Venue: The first eliminator will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester. The second one will be in Birmingham.
  • Did You Know? : The cricket is criticized for not playing all 12 test-playing nations due to which there could have been 2 groups which could play for the world cup 2019 semifinals.

How to Watch Cricket World Cup Semifinal Live Online From Anywhere

To watch the semifinals live from the venue would be one thing but of course, not everyone can make it. Thus, for those sitting at home can enjoy the match easily online. It could be any device of their choosing. Just follow the steps provided below for each device and you are sorted.

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Install FastestVPN on your device OR Configure manually on Router
  3. Start our FastestVPN app & connect to India Server or you can connect with our India server IP address through Router
  4. Access sonyliv.com from your device
  5. Enjoy watching Cricket World Cup Semifinals 2019 live for free from anywhere in the world

You can watch Cricket World Cup Semifinal for free on any device. The steps are not difficult. Just pick a device and follow the same steps as given above. You can read up more for a detailed step by step guide for each device (Firestick, Kodi, Mac, iOS, Android, Roku, PS4, etc) and enjoy Cricket World Cup Semi Final live online.

Other Broadcasting Channels For Cricket World Cup Semifinals

Here is a list of few other broadcasting channels that you can choose from to enjoy the cricket world cup semi final live online. All you will have to do is follow the same guide as given above and just change the server location according to the channel’s region.

Live Streaming Channels

India Hotstar
Japan ICC’s Facebook Page
Bangladesh Rabbithole App
New Zealand Fan Pass
United Kingdom Sky Go
Austria, Germany Dazn
Australia Foxtel Sports
South Africa SuperSport
Canada, Europe Yupp TV
Hong Kong Now TV
South America ESPN, Willow TV

Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money Breakdown

The beauty of the game is that no one goes home empty-handed. Even if they are disappointed about not taking the trophy to their land, they still have something to show for. The Winner of the ICC World Cup 2019 will be rewarded with US$ 4,800,000 while the runner-up team will get US$ 2,200,000. The rest is depicted by the table below.

Winner US$ 4,800,000
Runner-Up US$ 2,200,000
Losing Semi-Finalists (Two) US$ 1,000,000
Winning Group Match US$ 50,000
Total US$ 14,000,000

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Now that you have found your fix to enjoy the Cricket World Cup Semifinals live online, share it with your friends in distress too so they don’t miss a single second of the action. Simply connect to FastestVPN and enjoy the world cup semifinals on any device unblocking all geo-restrictions with complete anonymity!

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