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How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals Live Online

FIFA 2018 finals will start after a round of 16 which will be followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and lastly the match everyone is waiting for – the finals!! Russia is the host for FIFA this year and the throughout the season matches will be played at 12 different venues in Russia. Fans who cannot be a part of the crowd at the stadium can watch FIFA world cup finals from the comfort of their homes.

watch fifa world cup finals

How to Watch FIFA World Cup Finals Live Online

Don’t have a cable subscription? No need to worry! You can enjoy watching FIFA finals live online on different platforms and channels for free! To watch FIFA world cup finals live online, follow the steps below:

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  • Download a FastestVPN app for your device or configure it with your router
  • Note: For connection or router configuration, in this situation, opt for the UK or Russian VPN server
  • Go to BBC iPlayer or matchtv.ru to watch FIFA finals live for free

Remember to be connected to FastestVPN’s UK server for BBC iPlayer or Russia server for matchtv.ru to overcome geo-restrictions. If you are not connected, you will not be able to access these channels as they are geo-blocked.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

FIFA world cup schedule is revealed for the 21st edition of football in Russia. It is as follows:

watch fifa world cup 2018 live online

FIFA World Cup 2018 teams

The teams to make FIFA world cup include Russia by default, five-time winners Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Iceland, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay and Tunisia. All of these make the 32 teams who will join hosts in Russia for FIFA world cup finals.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups

The teams that qualified are categorized into 8 groups of 4 teams each. They are divided in Group A through Group H as follows:

  • Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
  • Group B: Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Iran
  • Group C: Australia, Peru, France, Denmark
  • Group D: Iceland, Croatia, Argentina, Nigeria
  • Group E: Switzerland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Serbia
  • Group F: Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Korea Republic
  • Group G: Panama, Tunisia, Belgium, England
  • Group H: Colombia, Japan, Poland, Senegal

Top Teams That Are Likely To Make It to the Finals

The countries that are grouped in pots of one to four are from highest to lowest FIFA ranking, except Russia which has the perks of hosting the FIFA world cup. Russia is the lowest ranked team in the tournament but placed automatically in pot one with the top seeds.

Amongst the 8 groups, people have bets on teams that will make it to the finals. The highest probability of making it till the end is Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Belgium.

Finals Finally…

We cannot wait until 6th July 2018 for the finals to start. Definitely keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that the team we’re rooting for makes it to the final. Watch FIFA world cup finals from anywhere in the world for free with FastestVPN. Stay tuned, this year’s FIFA world cup is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!